TNA Update — April 2011

Using Facebook to Build Web Traffic

by Gary Benoit, Editor, The New American

Web traffic for continues to grow. During the month of September 2008, when we began publishing articles every weekday, 28,993 absolute unique visitors (different people) came to the website. In February of this year, 379,625 absolute unique visitors came. And in recent weeks, the number of different people visiting the website over a 31-day period has been over 400,000.

Though we are happy with the growth, we also recognize that the growth curve is nowhere close to leveling off and that much greater traffic can be achieved.

To help us to ramp up the traffic to another level, we have a recommendation for every member of The John Birch Society who uses Facebook. Specifically, please monitor the articles we publish daily for those articles that, you believe, would be of interest to your Facebook friends. Then share those articles with your Facebook friends routinely. To facilitate this, every article we publish includes a Facebook “Like” button (immediately below the title and author’s name) that you can click on to automatically post that article on the Wall of your Facebook profile page.

The New American has its own Facebook page, and if you have not already “Liked” the page, please do so and also suggest that your friends do likewise. To do so, click on “Like” on our FaceBook ad on the right side of the home page for Next, click on “The New American Magazine” headline for the ad to go to The New American’s Facebook page. Once on the TNA Facebook page, you can scroll down through the latest TNA online articles and post them to your Facebook profile page by clicking on “Share.”

As we write, 2,664 people “like” The New American’s Facebook page. This is a small number compared to what we would like to achieve, yet over the last 31 days the article titles and summaries posted on our Facebook page were viewed 408,036 times. Of course, most of these interactions do not result in Facebook users actually clicking on the article title to go to the article itself at But some of these interactions do result in traffic to, and of course increasing the number of Facebook interactions will also mean increasing the traffic flow from Facebook to

Now imagine the engine for traffic that Facebook could become if every JBS member using Facebook were to routinely post links to TNA articles on their own Facebook pages for all of their Facebook friends to see.

Let us do everything we can to build the traffic. The more people who come to, the more who should become favorably inclined toward The John Birch Society, including wanting to join — particularly if your online Birching entails more than just posting links to articles!

Action Summary

  • Use Facebook to inform others and build traffic to
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