Curtis S. Collier

Curtis S. CollierCurtis Collier is the president and co-founder of U.S. Border Watch. This organization assembles teams and conducts observation at various parts of the Texas-Mexico border. U.S. Border Watch also stages events to call attention to the hiring of illegal aliens by American employers. The organization also works with a number of groups to block the North American Union and stop the NAFTA Superhighway Corridors, including the Trans Texas Corridor.

Mr. Collier has a wealth of experience and knowledge regarding immigration and border issues. He can relate personal border-watching experience as well as report on recent significant events along the border.

Mr. Collier is a native Texan. He served with United States Army Military Police, doing three tours of drug interdiction in Colombia. As a civilian contact agent, Curtis served undercover to support local, state, and federal law-enforcement agencies.

He is a successful small business owner in the Houston area, where he lives with his wife Beverly.

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