Joseph Dipaola

Joeseph DipaolaBorn in Georgia, Joseph Dipaolo graduated from high school in Belmont, Massachusetts, in 1963 and then served in the U.S. Air Force from 1963 to 1972.
After the Air Force, he began as a sales representative for AMWAY (the American Way Association) in 1972, an association that he has maintained to the present (semi-retired). In the process he developed a sales network that numbers over 60,000 people today and does over $37 million per year in business.
While working full-time, he was also the state director for Junior Achievers of Delaware in 1975 –1976 and chairman of the “Free Enterprise Committee” for the Chamber of Commerce in 1976. He has done hundreds of speaking engagements on self-motivation and personal independence. He works to teach people to believe in their ability to make decisions and take responsibility for their own lives. He believes that people will stop voting for people who promise them entitlements, and work to keep our constitutional government alive, if they have faith in themselves — and only then.

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