The globalist CFR is under fire after its director of Latin American studies was exposed having close associations with Castro's brutal dictatorship over Cuba.

President Obama endorses New York mayor hopeful Bill de Blazio and praises him as a great hope for "Progressive change" — as de Blazio's radical record of support for Fidel Castro, the Sandinista regime in Nicaragua, and Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe finally gets reported in the MSM.

Salon’s Matt Stoller apparently feels that the 20th-century drive to create world government — obvious in hindsight — is now far enough in the rearview mirror, and the institutions that stemmed from it enough of a fait accompli, to be worthy of open discussion in one of the Web’s most influential magazines.

Mountains of evidence confirm that Nelson Mandela and South Africa’s ruling ANC clique were (and remain) communists, and that they are carrying forward a communist program of terrorism and genocide for South Africa.

The EPIX cable television channel will air the documentary, TWA Flight 800, on July 17, a video that claims the official investigation over the 1996 airline disaster needs to be reopened because of new evidence.

The recent secretive Bilderberg meetings of elite globalists drew unprecedented media coverage, but almost nothing is known publicly about what was discussed.

The veil of secrecy surrounding the Bilderberg meetings has slowly been pierced as major media outlets report on the gathering, but protesters and reporters will still not be allowed in.

After the Boston Marathon bombing, political pundits claimed we should partner with Russia against terror. But the Kremlin is still the main promoter of terrorism, not its innocent victim.

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for May 27 - June 2, 2013.

A former insider at the World Bank says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve. 

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