Despite his failure to publish the rules he follows in executing the drone war, President Obama wants to draft guidelines for other nations to follow in the use of drones.

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for March 18 - 24, 2013.

The North Dakota legislature has passed bills that will ban abortion beyond six weeks of pregnancy, as well as for fetal abnormalities and sex selection.

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Illson on March 15 ruled that National Security Letters (NSLs) are unconstitutional and ordered the government from issuing them "in this or any other case."

Libertarian-leaning Congressman Justin Amash of Michigan (Freedom Index rating: 92 percent) is considering a run for the soon-to-be vacant U.S. Senate seat in Michigan, according to various interviews the two-term congressman has conducted over the previous week.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz's question to California Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein on the Second Amendment in a March 14 hearing forced MSNBC hosts into conniptions, with Joe Scarborough saying that Cruz had made “willfully ignorant” statements and Rachel Maddow claiming Cruz had been “patronizing” to Feinstein as a woman.

An exchange between Senators Ted Cruz and Diane Feinstein about the latter's gun control bill presented an opportunity for all to learn an important lesson about the Constitution and the rights of the people including the right to keep and bear arms.

Writing in the Washington Post, Michael Gerson mocked Senator Rand Paul's worldview and his filibuster.

Hamilton County, Ohio, Prosecutor Joseph T. Deters announced charges against three people for voter fraud on Monday, March 11.

"The GOP of old has grown stale and moss-covered," said the junior senator from Kentucky. "I don't think we need to name any names, do we?"

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