Sen. Ted Cruz’s new report slams Obama's lawless attempts to expand executive power, citing six failed efforts since 2012 to increase federal authority.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter has signed into law an act limiting the use of drones in surveillance and evidence gathering.

In a handbook obtained by the ACLU, the IRS claims that its agents do not need a search warrant before snooping through taxpayers' e-mail.

A Washington State florist is being sued by the state government for refusing to do business with a homosexual couple who wanted her to provide the flowers for the wedding ceremony.

Today is the 75th anniversary of the infamous rigged Anschluss election, where 99 percent of German voters supposedly approved the Nazi takeover of Austria.

Even with his 2011 resignation as a U.S. congressman from New York after an online scandal, Anthony Weiner is now considering a run for New York City mayor.

The Federal Communications Commission is considering easing up on the decency standards that have governed broadcast television for years.

A bill nullifying various federal overreaches recently passed the Arizona House of Representatives and is now awaiting action by the state Senate.

The media is silent as a Fox reporter defies two judges and faces jail time rather than expose her sources of information in the Aurora theater shootings.

With the overwhelming passage of a bill to nullify federal attempts to enforce unconstitutional gun laws in the state of Kansas, the message and the momentum appear to be on the side of the other 30 states passing or considering similar laws.

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