Despite failing to be passed by consensus, the UN Arms Trade Treaty will go the General Assembly for consideration. President Obama has called for its quick adoption by that body.

Does the individual belong to the state or does the state belong to the people? The question is a tricky one in the way I have worded it.

Shouldn’t homosexuals have the right to marry if other Americans enjoy that right? Yes, they should. They have a right to form that union with a member of the opposite sex that we call marriage.

This isn’t just rhetoric. It is in fact a point that gets to the very heart of the matter, and traditionalists ignore it at their own peril.

North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple reportedly received death threats after signing a bill banning abortions after the sixth week of pregnancy — or when a heartbeat can be detected.

The White House and its allies are pushing hard to shore up dwindling support of the assault on gun rights.

In an effort at protecting the Constitution and the unalienable rights of Americans, liberty-minded Republicans introduced a bill in Congress that would specifically prohibit the executive branch from using military strikes on U.S. soil to murder American citizens.

Over the next couple of months the Supreme Court will decide whether or not the federal government has the authority to define marriage as only between a man and a woman.

Following his magnetic speech at the National Prayer Breakfast, Dr. Ben Carson revealed to the New York Times that he would be willing to consider a run for the White House if "the people are still clamoring."

The Supreme Court decided in a 5-4 ruling Tuesday that police may not bring a drug-sniffing dog to the doorstep of a private house without a court-issued search warrant.

The recent "Growth and Opportunity Project" report to the Republican National Committee is a classic example of what previous generations called "Me too" Republicanism.

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