The IRS has issued an apology of sorts after admitting that it targeted tea party, patriot, and other conservative groups for possible tax-exempt violations.


In a letter to Senator Harry Reid, the Department of Justice reported that the FISA court approved every request by the government to place citizens under electronic surveillance.

Tyndale House Bible publishers has won a major victory in its battle to stop the Obama administration's enforcement of the notorious contraception mandate.

In 1854, Wisconsin rejected the federal Fugitive Slave Act, which mandated Northern states return Southern slaves without due process, demonstrating both the validity and usefulness of nullification.

A primary justification for the welfare states comes from Christians, even though the welfare state constitutes a rebuke of God.

True the Vote announced a settlement whereby the St. Lucie County, Florida, supervisor of elections will make available all records of this past November’s election in Florida’s 18th congressional district.

Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is participating in a lawsuit challenging the legality of President Obama's birth certificate.

After the huge gun-control defeat in the Senate, Obama is now seeking to impose an assault on gun rights and healthcare privacy through "executive actions." 

A Bush administration official claims President Obama is using drone strikes to kill terrorists rather than send them to Guantanamo.

In his commencement address Sunday at Ohio State University, President Obama encouraged the graduating class to civic duty and defended government expansion.

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