A Bush administration official claims President Obama is using drone strikes to kill terrorists rather than send them to Guantanamo.

In his commencement address Sunday at Ohio State University, President Obama encouraged the graduating class to civic duty and defended government expansion.

Florida lawmakers are under fire for approving a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office “hotline” to encourage people to report fellow citizens to authorities.

Despite overwhelming support among lawmakers, Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed legislation that would have made Arizona the second state to officially define gold and silver as legal tender.

In a response to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback reaffirmed his state's right to oppose unconstitutional federal attempts to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.

High-school student Benji Backer demonstrates how political correctness in the world of academia creates an environment that is oppressive to conservative students.

The Pentagon has confirmed that military personnel — including chaplains — could be court-martialed for sharing their religious faith with others.

The Koch Brothers' meeting in Palm Springs could presage the beginning of the change back to sensible policies and limited government that so many are hoping for.


There is an absolute truth, and words have specific, fixed meanings. This isn’t to say that words can’t acquire new meanings over time. But the whole point of using words is to convey a fixed and unchanging meaning.

The war within the Republican Party between the old-guard establishment neoconservatives and the upstart constitutionalist/libertarian-leaning rebels is raging, and the liberty movement is gaining on the establishment.

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