When even pro-Obama apparatchiks are crying foul over Obama’s lawless implementation of ObamaCare — unilaterally changing, delaying, and re-writing over a dozen major provisions of the “Affordable Care Act” in violation of the actual statute — you know it is getting bad.

President Obama and his national security advisers are weighing the legal issues associated with sending a drone to Pakistan to assassinate an American allegedly working with al-Qaeda.

After a New Yorker article said Attorney General Holder may be leaving office soon, the Justice Department said that was not the case.

Another botched drug raid under a no-knock warrant. Only this time one of the SWAT team members was killed and the grand jury said it was justified. 

The New Hampshire state House of Representatives passed a bill nullifying the indefinite detention provisions of the NDAA.

In another indication that the mainstream media are noticing the nullification movement, the Associated Press reported on various state efforts to thwart the NSA's dragnet collection of data.

Radley Balko makes a compelling case that the militarized police is the type of standing army our Founders said was inconsistent with liberty.

A prominent Republican with presidential aspirations is questioning the leadership qualifications of a Clinton because of an affair with Monica Lewinsky, while others in the GOP are talking impeachment.

1998? No, 2014.

Further investigation by the House Ways and Means Committee into the IRS scandal reveals that the Obama administration’s Treasury Department and former IRS official Lois Lerner conspired to create new 501(c)(4) regulations to restrict the activity of conservative groups.

 Many of the talking points put out by the con-con movement can be easily dismissed.

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