The updated forecast of the presidential election by two University of Colorado professors shows Governor Mitt Romney stretching his lead over President Obama in Electoral College votes.

Pastor C.L. Bryant hosts Runaway Slave, a documentary based on the theme of modern day enslavement to the tyranny of government, and calls Americans to run away toward freedom. 

The Obama campaign appears to be targeting schools in Florida in an all-out attempt to win this "battleground" state.

Arlen Specter, the former Philadelphia prosecutor who played a key role in the Warren Commission report on the assassination of President Kennedy and went on to become Pennsylvania's longest serving member of the U.S. Senate, died at his Philadelphia home Sunday. His death at 82 followed a years-long fight with cancer.

Voters in Colorado, Oregon, and Washington State will vote on proposals next month to nullify unconstitutional federal statutes by legalizing marijuana for recreational use, setting up a potential showdown between the Obama administration and state governments that could increase interest in the U.S. Constitution’s Tenth Amendment. While the fate of Oregon’s measure remains uncertain, polls suggest Amendment 64 in Colorado and Initiative 502 in Washington State may well pass.   

On October 10 a state judge in Philadelphia ruled that four Libertarian Party candidates — including presidential candidate Gary Johnson — may remain on the ballot in Pennsylvania. This put an end to an attempt by the Keystone State’s Republican Party to block the country’s largest third party from keeping spots on the November ballot.

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for October 15-21, 2012.

President Obama's use of recess appointments to put three bureaucrats on the National Labor Relations Board, even though the Senate says it was not in recess, is causing a legal challenge to his abuse of executive power.

In charging his Republican opponent with putting "two wars on a credit card" in the October 11 vice-presidential debate, Vice President Joe Biden misrepresented his own voting record on the wars in a misstatement of fact that went unchallenged by both the debate moderator and the Republican vice presidential candidate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).  

Is it remotely possible that the 2012 presidential election will be decided by an eight-foot-tall, bright yellow bird? I know it sounds ridiculous. But the liberal cognoscenti in this country are going absolutely gaga over Mitt Romney’s promise during last week’s presidential debate that he would end government funding of the Public Broadcasting System.

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