The Republican congressman who walked out during President Obama's State of the Union address January 28, Rep. Steve Stockman of Texas, has announced that he is considering filing articles of impeachment against the president.

Utah State Senator Howard Stephenson has introduced a bill to regulate law enforcement's use of drones.

Did you listen to Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech on Tuesday night? 

The Harris v. Quinn case that the Supreme Court heard last week could stop some forced union membership. 

After walking out of Obama’s State of the Union speech upon hearing the president threaten to violate the Constitution and rule by decree, Republican U.S. Congressman Steve Stockman of Texas says he is now seeking public support for introducing articles of impeachment. 

An 11-year-old Illinois girl's cupcake business was shut down by the local health department for failure to get a permit and build a separate kitchen.

In its literature, the Convention of the States organization misstates historical facts and misunderstands the law of agency.

A candidate for mayor of San Jose has offered a plan to grant police access to privately owned surveillance cameras.

Americans overwhelmingly rejected bizarre threats from an increasingly unpopular Obama to rule by decree, surveys showed after his State of the Union speech.

The Arizona State Republican Party approved a resolution on Saturday, January 25 that censured Senator John McCain for compiling a voting record that is insufficiently conservative for Arizonans.

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