If you are sick and tired of seeing politicians and others playing the race card, or if you are just disgusted with the grossly dishonest way racial issues in general are portrayed, then you should get a copy of Ann Coulter's new book, Mugged. Its subtitle is: "Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama."

The Obama administration has joined with Planned Parenthood in a suit intended to stop an Arizona law that defunds the abortion giant. The Whole Woman’s Healthcare Funding Prioritization Act, signed into law last May by Republican Governor Jan Brewer, defunds abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood, offering the state family planning funds instead to entities that provide comprehensive health care without an abortion option.

A lengthy and rather damning new report released by the Washington Post has revealed that 73 members of Congress have in some capacity backed legislation that stands to benefit businesses or industries in which either they or their relatives are invested. The analysis stems from an investigation by the Post of financial disclosure and public records for all 535 members of both congressional chambers.

President Obama, during a campaign trip in California, designated the former home and headquarters of United Farm Workers labor activist César Chávez as a national monument on October 8.

President Obama, after his clear loss in his debate with Mitt Romney, called Governor Romney a "phony." Innumerable facts, however, show that it is our Commander in Chief who is Phony in Chief. A classic example was his speech to a predominantly black audience at Hampton University on June 5, 2007. That date is important, as we shall see.

See how your congressmen voted in the fourth Freedom Index for the 112th Congress.

Mitt Romney is calling for tougher sanctions against Iran and arms for the rebels in Syria, despite past failure from following those foreign policy remedies.

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for October 8-14, 2012.

The highly-hyped “Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium” debate on October 6 between Fox News Channel personality Bill O'Reilly and Comedy Central funny man Jon Stewart proved a nearly perfect foil of O'Reilly.

“Social Security is structurally sound,” President Barack Obama declared during the October 3 presidential debate in Denver.  Apparently the president has yet to peruse this year’s annual report from the Social Security trustees. It would also seem that neither his opponent, Mitt Romney, nor the debate moderator, Jim Lehrer, has read the report for neither challenged him on this ludicrous statement.

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