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Voting Index

Freedom Index: A Congressional Scorecard Based on the U.S. Constitution.
This voting index is currently published twice a year in The New American magazine. Each index scores all 535 members of Congress on 10 key votes on a scale of 0% to 100%. The more the Representatives and Senators adhere to the Constitution in their votes, the higher their scores on this index.
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In the midst of the problems we see every day in the media, 2008 revealed new layers of strength in the American people that can be used to build resistance to the road to socialism. Also in 2008, The John Birch Society surged forward in several areas. This growth continues and with it, our influence has grown considerably.

It is a compliment to the American system of freedom and the ingenuity of American entrepreneurs that our economy hasn’t collapsed long ago. In any other country, collapse would be certain. The American economy is too diverse, too deep, and too wide for an elite few to control it completely. The overwhelming factor preventing this is liberty ― and, our system is based on liberty.

We certainly have our work cut out for us. But do not be discouraged because our years of opposition to all of the internationalists’ plans position us to harness the American peoples’ rising repugnance to all of it.

While we cannot run Wall Street, we can lay down a base of understanding about real economics, not what is being sold via the media and in the classrooms. So our membership is circulating by the tens of thousands John F. McManus’ DVD, Dollars & $ense, a no-nonsense, uncomplicated look at economic fundamentals.

We have to expand our efforts in a strategic manner. This is why we are moving to start our single congressional district states program. For we know that we will achieve more by implementing this plan than we will from any other part of our operation.

By placing staff into states with only one congressional district, we will get constitutionalists into the House of Representatives, as well as two Senators, and governors, state legislators, etc. Our work over the last two years has already made an impact on many legislatures around the country.

Our success in various state legislatures, including recruiting legislators, confirms that we are on the right track. But it is a matter of time to be able to organize and capitalize on our plan, to implement and spread a level of understanding sufficient to lead to positive results. The later we start, the later the results. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for “later” results.

The single district program is our first step in the campaign to win back Congress.

We do not have time to get bogged down with small initiatives; we have to think and act big.

We certainly have to think and act big if we mean to turn Congress around. Congress is the key to liberty. Given the generally poor makeup of the current Congress, seeking redress from that body is hopeless until we are able to stimulate the election of constitutionalists in both houses. So we intend to use the same available dollars to turn around the House and the Senate. This can be done through organizing our education and action programs by concentrating first in single district states.  

Robert Welch, the Founder of our Society, tested the concept of placing staff to grow our organization in a small state and he chose Idaho. The experiment changed the politics of the state in a dramatic way.

Once the staff builds sufficient membership in the small states, we will see constitutionalists elected to Congress. In the House, we will begin to see spending bills defeated; thereby reducing taxes and the deficit. In the Senate, we will see unconstitutional treaties defeated, such as NAFTA, and better federal judges appointed. In the states, we will see better governors, legislators, and mayors, with more resistance to federal power.

The elections have come and gone with the results we see every day on our news. What most people do not know is that permanent organization and the work the members do to spread understanding is what results in votes for constitutionally-minded candidates, not the elections themselves.

Yet out of all of this election hoopla, there are encouraging signs that Americans are starting to turn to their state legislators for help. This year, many states considered and/or passed resolutions calling for the protection of their sovereignty under the 9th and 10th Amendments. There were even resolutions calling for abolishing the Federal Reserve, for precious metal backing of our currency, and for opposition to the REAL ID laws.

Much of this momentum has been generated by members of our Society working with their legislators and/or by legislators who are either members or friends of our Society. This encouraging development points to tremendous potential to begin turning around our descent into the quagmire of socialism.

Imagine several single district states where elected officials are sound constitutionalists. Their influence would extend to other states, especially those already worried about losing state and national sovereignty. We will then expand out to the two-district states, and so on.

This approach is a superb opportunity to put some brakes on a national disaster now in the making.  But we must start soon or lose a golden opportunity. Frankly, we need your financial help to implement and sustain this initiative.

The elitist Insiders smell success around the corner as evidenced by Kissinger’s brazen call for a New World Order in the International Herald Tribune. The media are gloating over Obama’s election almost as much as the Communist Party USA is on their website. The Newsweek magazine cover for February 16th headlined, “We are all socialists now,” refers to both the Democrat and Republican parties. And by the enthusiasm of the Republican side of the aisle in Congress for Obama’s agenda during his first address to Congress, Newsweek makes a good point. It is time to get very serious.

Will you help us with a $2,000 gift at this time for our programs? If enough people who understand both our peril and our opportunity will do so, we can make a bold step at this critical juncture. If you cannot donate $2,000, can you send $1,000, or $500, or some other amount?

Please help us because preserving freedom certainly does depend upon not only our Society’s forward momentum in the midst of an economic disaster, but upon our expansion in both size and influence. So we would like to see you join our Freedom campaign online as well.

This will be an extraordinarily important year, one in which those of us who understand the problems and the solutions will be called upon to sacrifice more than in the past. And be sure that whatever you can do, you will have our heartfelt thanks for your gift and your activity in this epic undertaking.


                        Arthur R. Thompson
                        Chief Executive Officer

P. S. As a token of our gratitude, for any gift of $100.00 or more, we will send you a copy of John F. McManus’ brand new booklet, Dollars & $ense: Solutions to the Economic Meltdown. For any gift of $200.00 or more, we will send both the DVD and the booklet.

P. P. S. We need to expand the reach of this message as much as we can. Won’t you please help us do this by forwarding this message to your friends and family?

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