The United States accused five Chinese of espionage against American corporations, while China called the charges "overbearing and hypocritical."

A political battle that is shaping up in San Francisco has implications for other communities across the country.

In his first children's book, based on Frederic Bastiat's The Law, Connor Boyack teaches a pair of precocious twins about the rightful role of government and the law.

As the implementation deadline looms large for a deeply controversial new tax regime adopted largely by congressional Democrats and the Obama administration, critics of the measure are mounting a constitutional challenge, saying the scheme is wildly unconstitutional and must be struck down.

In his swan song, hard-left Michigan Democrat Senator Carl Levin has proposed eliminating a tax strategy companies have used for years to avoid paying high taxes in the United States.

Looking past Friday's glowing jobs report headlines from the Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals an economy that is far from robust.

What happens when a federal agency gives people prepaid debit cards to be used strictly for travel expenses but then doesn’t monitor how they are spent? Taxpayers get taken for a ride.

Americans should ask their congressmen to reject the TPP & TTIP "free trade" partnerships.

The GM bailout debacle cost taxpayers far more than $11 billion, as was reported by the Detroit Free Press.

Wayne Crews, author of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual report on the federal regulatory burden, has a problem: No one can imagine a trillion dollars — much less $2 trillion.

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