Congress is spending money at such a rapid rate that it has been forced to repeatedly revisit increasing the U.S. debt limit. Now it is simply suspending the limit, letting itself binge.

Though labor unions have been some of President Obama's biggest advocates, a recent report from a major union reveals trouble in paradise. According to the report, Obama's prized healthcare law will further worsen income inequality.

Obama's budget features massive new spending proposals — almost none of which are likely to become law — along with proposals to tax “the rich.” 

The black family managed to survive several centuries of slavery and generations of the harshest racism and Jim Crow, to ultimately become destroyed by the welfare state.

A month after her home cupcake business was needlessly shuttered by the local health department, an 11-year-old Illinois girl is getting her dream kitchen — one that will enable her to reopen her business without running afoul of the bureaucracy.

Stop the Free Trade Agenda by stopping congressional approval of Trade Promotion Authority.

The federal Jones Act, a 1920 shipping law, is forcing the Northeast to import expensive foreign propane for heating homes and preventing New Jersey from getting salt it needs to keep its roads clear.

It seems as if, everywhere you turn these days, there are studies claiming to show that America has lost its upward mobility for people born in the lower socioeconomic levels.

The "grand bargain" to solve Detroit's bankruptcy crisis approved by Michigan Governor Rick Snyder, will satisfy no one.

The United Nations is currently working on a far-reaching plot, developed with radical Obama administration policy architect John Podesta, to “profoundly and dramatically” alter your worldview in the name of shackling humanity under a UN-managed “universal sustainable development agenda.” 

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