Federal regulations imposed on America have been costing the U.S. economy more than $2 trillion every year and growing, according to a new study that sought to quantify the economic damage inflicted by Washington, D.C., politicians and bureaucrats.

There is an unholy alliance between pro-war pundits and the producers of war materiel.

At a Labor Day rally in Milwaukee, President Obama turned the limelight on himself, approvingly and inaccurately.

At a July fundraising event in Chicago, Mrs. Michelle Obama remarked, "So, yeah, there's too much money in politics. There's (sic) special interests that have too much influence."

The Communist Manifesto once shocked American readers with its version of radical socialism, called communism. Now, it’s nearing complete implementation in America.

There is nothing democratic about mobs in the streets demanding that employers pay a minimum wage of $15 an hour, or else that the government makes them do so by law.

Minimum-wage laws have unintended consequences, including hurting the very people they're allegedly designed to help.

The success of the Mexican automotive industry celebrated by Forbes hides the dirty secret of NAFTA: It's a step toward the New World Order.

The GOP voted to end the draconian U.S. system that taxes citizens no matter where in the world they live and work.

The Obama healthcare program is a jobs killer, according to recent studies by three Federal Reserve Banks.

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