The trite joke used to be that right-wing zealots would look for communists under the bed. A pair of political commentators writing at apparently can find them at the Cato Institute.

The global establishment is increasingly pushing the notion of what it calls a “cashless society” — a world in which all payments and transactions would be conducted electronically, creating a permanent record for governments to inspect and track at will.

Unfettered government and crony capitalism, not unfettered markets, are the cause of our current economic problems.

The release of a devastating report from the Center for Immigration Studies is not good news for supporters of immigration reform.


Allegations of corruption at the Export-Import Bank will bring its president to be questioned before the House Financial Services Committee.

Central banks and government entities around the world are now dominant players in the stock market with some $30 trillion invested in equities and other assets, according to a new study released this week offering the first comprehensive analysis of public-sector investments.

According to The Institute for College Access & Success, seven out of 10 2012 college graduates incur student loan debt.

One of the largest "tax inversion" deals was announced earlier this week, reflecting continued disgust with U.S. corporate tax rates, the highest in the world.

The president's plan to make student loan borrowing easier will merely insure that more and more graduates will become debt slaves, assuming they can find work.

Argentina is once again out of options to satisfy creditors; will the United States follow?

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