A Tennessee parent was arrested when he showed up at his children's school and insisted on walking them home — in violation of a new school district mandate.

Fifty years ago today, C.S. Lewis died of kidney failure at his home in Oxford, England, and Great Britain is observing the 50th anniversary of the death of one of her finest writers.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said opposition to “Common Core” national education standards was coming from “white suburban moms” whose kids are not as smart as their parents thought.

A Portland, Oregon educator says that he is facing dismissal from his teaching job because of his opposition to Planned Parenthood.

Another bus driver has apparently paid the price for praying with one of his passengers.

More than 130 prominent Catholic scholars and professors have joined the growing opposition to the Obama-pushed Common Core nationalized education standards.

Two Gonzaga University students defended themselves, as is their natural and constitutional right. But the university said they violated its "gun free zone" rules.

A Minneapolis school bus driver was fired from his job after someone complained about his practice of praying with students on his route.

Now it seems that just complaining about your child’s homework assignment can get a finger pointed at you — for being a neo-Nazi.

After German authorities abducted four children from their parents over homeschooling, the authorities now refuse to let the family leave the country.

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