Now it seems that just complaining about your child’s homework assignment can get a finger pointed at you — for being a neo-Nazi.

After German authorities abducted four children from their parents over homeschooling, the authorities now refuse to let the family leave the country.

The attempt by a trio of Common Core-supporting Democrats in the state to impugn top authorities on the standards is backfiring in spectacular fashion.

The deeply controversial Common Core standards were almost entirely the product of an assortment of groups funded by Bill Gates and the federal government.

With recent public hearings on national Common Core education standards by Wisconsin lawmakers in October, another element of the national battle is becoming increasingly obvious: This has become a fight largely between concerned citizens and parents on one side, with Big Business, Big Government, and a cadre of establishment billionaires like Bill Gates on the other. 

Wisconsin activists organized to stop Common Core educate legislators at public hearings.

Following a public uproar and the intervention of a conservative legal group, a Tennessee elementary school reversed its decision that disallowed a 10-year-old student from submitting an essay describing God as her idol, giving her a 100-percent score on the assignment instead.

A new study by a Canadian economist is challenging the notion that children in families headed by homosexual couples are as well-adjusted as their counterparts in traditional families.

The Obama administration-backed “Common Core” is bribing and bullying state governments into collecting huge amounts of private data on students.


The dangerous Obama administration-pushed nationalization of education through Common Core Standards teaches kids what — not how — to think.

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