When Robert Small, a concerned parent, dared to express his concerns about Common Core at a school board meeting last week in suburban Baltimore, he was carried away in handcuffs and charged with assault.

The new college academic year has begun, and unfortunately, so has student indoctrination. Let's look at some of it.

This year, Chicago Public schools are incorporating a mandatory sexual and health education kindergarten curriculum.

Outrage is mounting after an armed squad of German police and social workers abducted four homeschooled children from their loving parents’ arms.

A nationwide coalition of educators known as the Badass Teachers Association is working to defeat Common Core — and they have been wildly successful thus far.

Despite overwhelming evidence that government meddling in higher education has led to soaring tuition costs and decreased quality at U.S. colleges and universities, Obama announced his latest scheme to use federal power in a supposed effort to make higher education more “affordable” while imposing new standards.

Schools in this country, from the university level down, were generally meant to produce moral, literate leaders. Now they aren’t. What changed and what can be done?

Two recent events — one on the east coast and one on the west coast — raise painful questions about whether we are really serious when we say that we want better education for minority children.

“Common Core” standards will not solve the nation's public education ills for the simple reason that the problem is the system itself, not the measurement of outcomes.

Common Core — new national education standards that the federal government is bribing and coercing states to adopt — will harm students, not benefit them.

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