statue of libertyAs part of a continuing series of articles we are revisiting from the past, we reprint here an article by Tom Anderson, first printed in the 1982 edition of American Opinion, the forerunner to The New American.

Several years ago a college freshman went out for football, unsung and uninvited. A few weeks later when the coach reduced the squad he cut the volunteer. But the freshman was such a wonderful fellow that the team persuaded the coach to let him stay. The volunteer sat on the bench for four years. He never missed a practice, never got discouraged. On the Thursday before the final game, his father died.

dr. haing s. ngorAt first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Especially in the place where I was hearing it.

In 1966, I sat as one of many education majors in a mandatory psychology class, located in a God-forsaken town called Lubbock, Texas. In actuality, it was not God-forsaken; it was Bible-belt, God-fearing Lubbock, Texas.

literacy in americaJay Leno, in his amusing Jay Walking adventures, interviews young Americans whose appalling ignorance of history, geography and other areas of basic knowledge has become the subject of great hilarity. Many of them couldn't tell you who was buried in Grant's tomb.

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