Speaking with Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department on May 13, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius asserted: “We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos.”

The federal forest service is preventing cattle from watering in drought-stricken New Mexico in order to protect a mouse's habitat.

The Pentagon believes "consensus" claims that the climate will be warming and is devising military strategies based on these claims. But is our military going to be like Admiral Halsey and sail into a disaster it doesn't expect?

The Obama administration is being very secretive about its installation of solar panels on the White House, perhaps because they're expensive and ineffective.

Rubio now cool to climate-change legislation, but he promoted cap and trade in the Florida legislature.

Behind the media's celebratory headlines about a victory over fracking is the plain and simple fact that this verdict was no victory over fracking.

Several EPA employees are prepared to testify before Congress that a nearly unknown division with the agency has been preventing investigation of misdeeds.

The Obama administration released a massive new report on “climate change” packed with junk-science and alarmism.

According to Senator James Inhofe (R-Okla.), the Environmental Protection Agency is “playing politics” to protect the interests of the Obama administration, intentionally delaying the implementation of an unpopular mandate until after the midterm elections.

Claims are made continually by the self-styled “environmentalist” movement that to “protect” the environment and the air, bigger and more centralized government must continue to attack free markets and the productive sector of the economy.

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