A 1972 insecticide ban on DDT literally causes the deaths of about a million people per year, though an extensive investigation by the U.S. EPA found that DDT is safe.

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for June 3 - 9, 2013.

McCain visits rebels in Syria and calls for the United States to become more militarily immersed in that dysfunctional nation's increasingly bloody civil war.

Remember those assurances that the Iraq War would pay for itself, once those oil revenues began gushing forth from a liberated Iraq? Well, a decade later the Iraq War is paying off, after all —for China.

What began last week as a protest against changes to a park in Istanbul, Turkey, quickly morphed into at least tens of thousands of furious demonstrators in major cities across the country.

Sen. John McCain and his goal of openly intervening in the Syrian conflict on behalf of the rebels suffered a major setback this week after a public relations stunt backfired.

Secretary of State John Kerry, Robert Hormats, and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair are heading the cast of Wall Street globalists expecting to make political and economic hay from the latest Middle East bailout proposed by the World Economic Forum.

While the Obama administration praises the Syrian rebels, the rebel army is allegedly carrying out massacres similar to those attributed to the regime they would overthrow.

Sen. John McCain made an unannounced visit Monday to Syria, crossing the border from Turkey, accompanied by the leader of the rebel Free Syrian Army.

A number of neoconservative Republicans roundly criticized the plan announced by President Obama to limit the scope and eventually end the war on terror.

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