JBS CEO Art Thompson says that the national media cannot blatantly attack popular movements and personalities but in subtle ways can turn opinion molders off.

alt On last night’s TV show Glenn Beck spent most of the first segment of his show discussing how similar the Democratic and Republican parties have become in recent years. To help his audience understand how this has come about Beck used a famous quote from Carroll Quigley’s infamous book Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time, which was published in 1966.

Kent University RiotsThis week (week of July 26, 2010) Glenn Beck is featuring on his TV Show the radical manifesto from June 1969, "You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows." Here is an article from American Opinion, The John Birch Society's magazine from 1959 to 1985, "Who is Paying for the Student Revolutionary Movement" by Gary Allen, published in the November 1970 issue. This article is must reading for those following Beck's revelations about the Weathermen this week. It shows just how much financial support for the student radicals in the 1960s and 70s came from the American establishment, and how the revolutionary strategy then as now was "pressure from above, pressure from below."

Glenn BeckAs a longtime member of The John Birch Society, the premier organization warning Americans about the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) for the past 50 years, it is always gratifying to see others raising the warning too. However, before looking at what Glenn Beck said about the CFR yesterday, let's review what the JBS has been saying over the years.

Glenn BeckDuring the course of monitoring the Glenn Beck TV Show from the perspective of a longtime member of The John Birch Society, I made another pleasant discovery this past week. During the July 15 show, Beck spent a few minutes discussing the book, Philip Dru: Administrator, by Colonel Edward Mandell House.

Joe McCarthy and Glenn BeckAs a longtime member of The John Birch Society (JBS), I’ve been watching the Glenn Beck TV Show closely since he moved over to Fox News in 2008. I’ve been fascinated to see how Beck has been getting progressively (sorry for the bad word choice) closer to presenting American history in the way that The John Birch Society has been doing it for over 50 years.

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