The United Nations is now under fire from many of its traditional allies after claiming that Uruguay’s recent decision to end marijuana prohibition somehow violates “international law.”

Due to the embarrassingly low ObamaCare enrollment figures, the administration has not been entirely forthcoming with actual enrollment data.

The ObamaCare exchange at is so insecure that multiple cyber-security experts and lawmakers are calling for it to be shut down.

A bill blocking enforcement of many key provisions of ObamaCare will soon be considered by the South Carolina state Senate.

Members of Congress and their staffers have abortion coverage available to them in health plans under Obama's socialized health plan, despite the president's promise that no federal funds would be used for the murderous procedure under the plan.

Volunteer fire departments across the nation, with the aid of at least one congressman, are fighting to ensure that they are not subjected to ObamaCare's costly employer mandate.

Now that the Obamacare website has been “fixed,” the Obama Administration has announced it will ramp up efforts to build support for its takeover of the American healthcare system.

ObamaCare continues struggling to stay afloat after its disastrous launch on October 1. With the healthcare website plagued by significant glitches and low enrollment numbers, some are wondering if the president's signature law will even be able to ride out its first year.

A recent study out of China confirms what many researchers have known for years: Abortion drastically increases a woman's risk of breast cancer.

Robert Parry insists that constitutionalists intentionally misconstrue the Constitution for their own partisan purposes.

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