JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for Sept. 23 - 30, 2013.

There will be a test vote on a House-passed bill this week that would fund the government past September 30 if lawmakers agree to defund ObamaCare.

More and more people are looking to Social Security Disability Insurance as a form of "unemployment" income, and the system may run out of money by 2016.

The House Committee on Veterans' Affairs is investigating whether psychiatric medications such as Trazodone played a role in last week's mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, where former reservist-turned-military contractor Aaron Alexis killed 12 people and injured three.

So many of today's political arguments amount to childish denials of reality. And one good example is the rationale behind forcing insurance companies to cover "pre-existing conditions."

The Home Depot announced that it will be dropping health coverage for its roughly 20,000 part-time employees, leaving them to buy subsidized coverage on ObamaCare's insurance exchanges.

A new poll released this week shows most Americans actually support partially shutting down the federal government until funding for ObamaCare is cut.

Some committed constitutionalists have forced Speaker of the House John Boehner to forward a bill that funds all of government, except ObamaCare.

Today House conservatives introduced the first detailed alternative to ObamaCare — legislation to increase the tax breaks for those who buy their own insurance.

A brutal political fight is playing out on Capitol Hill as members of Congress try to preserve their exemption from part of ObamaCare.

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