A bill nullifying ObamaCare in South Carolina is being held up in the state Senate Finance Committee by the chairman.

Data provided to a House committee by insurance companies suggest that premiums are likely to go through the roof when ObamaCare is fully implemented in January.

Colorado's health insurance exchange, believed to be one of the country's most efficient, may ask for another $125 million from Washington in part to educate the public about ObamaCare.

Rep. John Boehner and Sen. Mitch McConnell told the president they won't help fill ObamaCare's rationing panel, which could deny care to seniors.

The "progressives" on New York City's city council passed its Earned Sick Time Act, which forces employers to pay for paid sick days for their employees.

After the huge gun-control defeat in the Senate, Obama is now seeking to impose an assault on gun rights and healthcare privacy through "executive actions." 

A Rasmussen Reports poll of 1,000 likely voters reveals that 54 percent of Americans support the right of states to nullify federal acts.


Critics lash out as the European Union targets seeds and gardeners with a proposed new "law" to regulate all "plant reproductive material" within the bloc.

A group of individuals and small businesses is suing the IRS for ruling that individuals in states that do not establish insurance exchanges are eligible for premium subsidies in direct contravention of the ObamaCare law.

One more step by the Therapeutic State toward gun confiscation was taken by California Governor Jerry Brown this week, hiring more "special agents" to search for and confiscate weapons from innocents now deemed to be mentally ill. 

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