The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship for voters is illegal. 

From an economic standpoint, the argument that we need immigrants to do jobs that Americans won't do is flawed.

In a video interview on June 12, Rep. Bachmann issued "a total call to arms" to stop amnesty.

An organization that advocates for law enforcement officers and Border Patrol agents is blasting the so-called "comprehensive immigration reform" bill S 744.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) plans to offer several amendments to the immigration bill being debated by the Senate.

There are plenty of reasons to oppose the latest immigration reform bill, including the tendency of the bill to protect illegal immigrants who have committed serious crimes.

One of the many sad signs of our times is the abstract way current immigration issues are discussed.

When college students return home, how can parents undo some of the brainwashing that has become so common in what are supposed to be institutions of higher learning?

You can’t trust the government to enforce any immigration law except amnesty.

A senate committee nixed an amendment requiring certification of border security before a "path to citizenship" bill for illegals could take effect.

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