Speaking against President Obama’s latest proposal for immigration reform, American Legion National Commander James E. Koutz called the ambitious plan a “bad sequel” to President Ronald Reagan’s immigration reform measures in 1986. Koutz termed Obama’s proposal a shameless form of amnesty that only encourages people to enter the United States illegally.

Rubio's position on immigration is more proof that he is no different than John McCain or Lindsey Graham.

The government expects us to think that although it failed to enforce the border for years, if only it grants amnesty to millions of immigrants it will now be able to enforce the border on top of all of the other conditions it will formally attach to amnesty.

A bipartisan group of eight senators announced on January 28 that they had developed a plan for comprehensive immigration reform. The group of four Democrats and four Republicans had worked independently of their colleagues in the Senate and informed President Obama over the weekend that they had reached an agreement.

Offering amnesty will get Republicans nowhere, because the GOP is chronically unpopular among Hispanics, who see the Democrats as the party offering endless benefits to racial minorities.

Libertarianism is not all of the same piece. Some versions are conservative, while others are left-wing, holding that liberty is self-evident and universal, utterly indifferent to culture and history.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says without a path to citizenship, no immigration reform legislation will come to the table.

According to the New York Times, President Obama will discuss during his State of the Union address on Feb. 12 his plans to reform the U.S. immigration system, including a path to citizenship for illegals in the country.

JBS CEO Art Thompson's weekly news video update for January 14 - 20, 2013.

It is shown that from his positions on various issues, Marco Rubio is just as much a proponent of Big Government as any other establishment politician.

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