Despite incessant claims from the Obama administration and lawless-government apologists, newly unveiled official documents show that spying on Americans’ phone records goes way beyond supposed “national security” concerns and the NSA programs leaked by Edward Snowden.

President Obama names several D.C. insiders to the surveillance review board after saying he wouldn't.

Many of the nation's largest Internet and telecommunication companies are participating with the NSA in the surveillance of innocent Americans.

The National Rifle Association has filed an amicus brief in support of the ACLU's lawsuit challenging the NSA's surveillance program.

The revelations of government surveillance also show Facebook and Google not only complied with the program but disregarded the privacy of their own users.

A hearing by the House Judiciary Committee on FISA and the secret FISA court revealed the administration thinks Americans essentially have no privacy rights.

On his official Tumblr blog, DNI James Clapper says he will soon declassify documents revealing how many Americans are currently under surveillance.

The brief, limited, and dated peek into the black operations of spy agencies confirms that the surveillance state is vastly larger and more expensive than most thought.

Challengers to German Chancellor Angela Merkel are accusing her of permitting the NSA to conduct illegal surveillance on the people of Germany.

A FISA court ruling from 2011 reveals that the NSA routinely behaves unconstitutionally and lies about it to the courts, Congress, and the public.

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