Senate sources report that CISPA (the controversial Cyber Information Sharing and Protection Act) likely will not come up for a vote this year.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill sponsored by Senators Jim Leahy and Mike Lee that would require law enforcement and government to obtain warrants before searching electronic communications.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is so eager to get an Internet sales tax bill passed that he has skipped the normal committee process and is bringing the bill directly to the Senate floor.

The Defense Department has reportedly blocked access of military personnel to the Southern Baptist Convention's website because of "hostile content" on the site.


According to research, CISPA supporters spent $605 million convincing congressmen to vote for the bill, outspending opponents 38 to one.

An Obama-backed bill that would permit states to impose state and local taxes on Internet purchases will be voted on in the Senate later this week.

Resistance to the Internet sales tax bill that the Senate is due to vote on this week is rapidly building, thanks to the Internet.  

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protect Act (CISPA) has been reintroduced and scheduled for a vote in the House of Representatives this week.

In a handbook obtained by the ACLU, the IRS claims that its agents do not need a search warrant before snooping through taxpayers' e-mail.

Yevgeny "Eugene" Kaspersky, celebrated in most of the U.S. media as self-made entrepreneur and tech guru, may be one of the planet's most dangerous men; fronting for Putin's KGB/FSB-run regime, he has been given the keys to global cyber security.

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