bad medicineThis article, "Socialist Medical Care Is Bad Medical Care," by Gary Allen has been reprinted from the February 1971 issue of American Opinion magazine, the forerunner of The New American. This article, which was written for The John Birch Society's magazine, American Opinion, reveals how both Democrats and Republicans were already working hard to establish a compulsory national health insurance program back in the 1960s. It also reveals some of the details about the transition of the A.M.A. from the champion of the free-enterprise private-practice physician it had formerly been to the champion of ObamaCare-style socialized medicine it is today.

ObamacareThis article, "Medicine Leads the Way," by Gary Handy on the dangers to freedom from the assault on the private practice of medicine, has been reprinted from the February 1976 Bulletin of The John Birch Society. This article is still worth reading for the historical perspective it provides on the necessity of repealing the recently-passed health care reform law, known as ObamaCare.  The conclusion is just as true today as when it was written: "The battle to preserve America's tremendous private medical system is a vital component of the overall freedom fight.... [T]he prestige and following of our nation's doctors provide them with tremendous potential for playing a vital role in stopping the conspiratorial forces which are working to destroy our free society and to enslave us all. We are exceedingly proud of the courageous physicians who are members of The John Birch Society. And we earnestly and respectfully invite all other like-minded men of medicine to join us in this crucial struggle."

Doctors or physicians and socialized medicineThis material, is excerpted from an essay by Robert Welch, which served as his "Foreward" to the June 1970 Bulletin of The John Birch Society. His arguments against government-run health care, such as our present-day ObamaCare, are still valid. Welch noted in the February 1976 JBS Bulletin that "There are more physicians and surgeons who belong to The John Birch Society than people who earn their daily bread in any other way." This tendency for doctors to become Americanist boosters was attributed to the fact that the hard-working physician was "more inclined to be an individualist instead of a collectivist...." In addition, the financial independence and high degree of respect earned by the doctor was seen by Robert Welch as protecting the physician from "outside views and pressures."

Robert Welch's speech on socialized medicineHere is the classic Robert Welch address, "Medicine Leads the Way," in which the founder of The John Birch Society provides the historical context for the premier importance of socializing medicine in the schemes of progressives, socialists, and communists to socialize national economies. The following is an introduction to Welch's address by JBS CEO Art Thompson from earlier this year:

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