Just as St. Guthlac used his belt to squeeze demons out of Ecgga, Americans can squeeze consolidation out of the federal government by applying the cinch of the Constitution.

Robert Gates, whose efforts as Defense Secretary in 2010 helped to overturn the ban on homosexuals in the military, has taken over as head of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA).

A Christian, pro-family group in England is warning of the dire consequences of a decision by the U.K. government to move ahead with a controversial plan that would allow for the creation of “three parent” babies through in vitro fertilization.

The U.S. Postal Service is set to introduce a stamp honoring notorious homosexual activist Harvey Milk.

A Mississippi pastor arrested and jailed for several hours in 2011 after he participated in a peaceful pro-life demonstration has now filed a lawsuit.

A federal judge overturned a ban on same-sex marriage in the state of Pennsylvania on Tuesday. 

The University of Notre Dame has denied official recognition to a student club that supports traditional marriage.

A homosexual judge appointed by President Obama has overturned Oregon's 10-year-old constitutional amendment defining marriage as only between a man and a woman, in effect legalizing same-sex "marriage" in the state by judicial fiat.

A Sudanese Christian woman has been sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her faith and “return” to Islam, reports Morning Star News, which monitors the persecution of Christians around the world.

Critics say the controversial “Next Generation Science Standards” being rolled out in multiple states represent an attempt to indoctrinate future generations.

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