Following the allure of fast money, governments are taking over an enterprise that was mainly a province of the mob. Are the projects becoming golden geese or just laying eggs?

Music can have a powerful influence on people, enhancing feelings of competitiveness, romance, isolation, hate, or patriotism. It can even help make or break a culture.

Commentaries posted on pro-life websites have cited numerous national polls indicating that a growing number of Americans favor at least some restrictions on abortion.

In seeking to destroy Western civilization in the names of diversity and equality, the cultural revolutionaries are destroying civilization itself.

Fewer than half of the female Marines at Paris Island, South Carolina, taking the Personal Fitness Test in September passed it, exposing the "equality" fallacy once again.

Outrage is growing after authorities in Italy, citing European-level decrees, brazenly threatened journalists who refuse to promote the homosexual agenda, ordering reporters and the news media to submit to the radical new “gay mandates" or face serious sanctions — and possibly even jail time. 

The United Nations has revealed its plan to reduce the number of Africans to population levels considered "desirable" by the UN.

As the Boy Scouts welcome homosexuals into their ranks January 1, Trail Life USA steps forward to offer families a Christian alternative that will focus on helping young men develop Christian character and integrity.

As expected, A&E has backed down on its curtailment of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson.

The world asks, "How can this be?" Faith answers.

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