A recent commentary claimed that in his “Memorial and Remonstrance,” James Madison encouraged his fellow citizens to abandon the Christian religion.

This year's National Day of Prayer included a call to repentance, along with a challenge to the "abortion president" by pro-family leader James Dobson.

An abortion rights group claims that it has persuaded Google to drop some online ads for pro-life services.

Demographic research shows that Communist China may become the world's most Christian nation in the next 15 years, a projection the godless government in Beijing is doing all it can to refute.

Despite a secularist group's attempts to block its participation in the Washington, D.C., National Day of Prayer the U.S. Army will not be dissuaded from taking part in the event.

In an interview with the British Sunday Telegraph on April 27, the former archbishop of Canterbury said that Britain is no longer a country of believers but rather has entered a post-Christian era.

Government officials in Marion County, Oregon, have put an abrupt halt to the burning of aborted babies in a local waste incineration facility, following revelations that the bodies of the pre-born babies were part of shipments of human “tissue” coming from Canada, and that the bodies were being incinerated as fuel to produce electricity for Oregon residents.

Being a Christian school — or a Christian applying for school — sometimes means being denied access to the educational process. Are we heading for a time when Christians need not apply?

A respected evangelical Christian publisher has released a book that argues in favor of homosexual relationships in the Church.

On Wednesday, April 23, the Judiciary Committee of the Missouri state House of Representatives began consideration of three articles of impeachment filed against state Governor Jay Nixon.

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