The ongoing assault on the Christian churches of Egypt in the aftermath of that nation’s "democratic" revolution continues to demonstrate that the rising leadership has a very different vision for a post-Mubarak nation than that which was presented to the West earlier this year.

The pattern for attacks on Egypt’s Christian minority has been for the government to simply stay out of the way while Muslim mobs burn and pillage. Then, if Christians try to defend their churches or homes, they are arrested by the same police who were often noticeably absent when the real crimes were taking place.

Even as conservative Governors and state lawmakers target Planned Parenthood’s lucrative abortion franchise for elimination, activist judges are working diligently to make sure the group’s deadly business continues. On June 26, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signed a state budget that cuts a $3 billion shortfall (without raising taxes) by, among other things, cutting funding to Planned Parenthood. But on the same day Wisconsin became the fourth state to defund the “family planning” organization (following the lead of Kansas, Indiana, and North Carolina), a federal judge temporarily blocked the Indiana de-funding law as unconstitutional.

Predictably, Planned Parenthood expressed its outrage over the funding cuts in Wisconsin, insisting that they will hurt low-income individuals who have no health insurance by denying them such services as cancer screenings, STD testing and treatment, and birth control.

President Obama may be playing coy on his official position concerning homosexual marriage, famously declaring that his opinion on the subject is “evolving.” However, the President knows that the homosexual community nationwide will be key to his reelection efforts, so on the eve of New York’s legalization of same-sex marriage, Mr. Obama could be found at a $1,250-a-plate Manhattan fundraiser sponsored by the Democratic National Committee, telling “gay” doctors, lawyers, financial experts, media moguls, and such that if they help him win another four years in the White House (as they clearly did in 2008 when he garnered some 70 percent of their vote), “we will write another chapter” in the re-definition of American culture.

On June 24 New York became the third state to legalize homosexual marriage through legislation, after the Republican-controlled state Senate voted 33 to 29 to approve a “gay marriage” bill that had earlier sailed through state assembly. Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, who had made the issue a major component of his campaign for election last year, quickly signed the bill into law.

Passage, however, came only after a core of GOP Senators — James Alesi, Roy MacDonald, Stephen Saland, and Mark Grisanti — caved in to political pressure and announced that they would vote for the bill. “While I understand that my vote will disappoint many,” said Saland, “I also know my vote is a vote of conscience.”

Have you ever wondered why it was that for a couple of hundred years before the Founding of the United States, and for nearly two hundred years after the Founding of the United States the Bible was permitted, even encouraged to be taught in America’s schools? I think we all know the answer: parents and educators understood what the American Founders understood, that a true education was not just about developing smarts, talents, and skills that enable graduates to make a living — as important as that was and is — but about developing the moral wherewithal to apply these same smarts, talents, and skills in ways that bless rather than curse themselves, their families, their communities, and their nation.

As of late, Ron Paul has once again been the subject of relentless criticism courtesy of Republican Party pundits.

It is his positions on marriage, “recreational” drugs, and current American foreign policy that invite, not just his detractors’ objections, but their ridicule and even their wrath.  In all fairness, it is Paul’s statements in the Republican presidential primary debates — a venue, it must be admitted, that is not readily accommodating of the impassioned Texas congressman’s rather unorthodox beliefs — to which his critics speak.  However, given that Paul has authored several reader-friendly books in which he elaborates on his views, if the GOP talking heads were really interested in what he thought, it is reasonable to expect that they would turn to these works.

So, what does Paul think about the aforementioned topics?

Planned Parenthood is beginning to feel the results of votes by state legislatures to cut its tax funding, along with cuts in Title X monies at the federal level. In Indiana, a state law cutting Medicaid funding for the abortion provider went into effect in early May. State laws cutting funding to clinics that perform abortions have also been implemented in Kansas and North Carolina, and Wisconsin’s pro-life Governor Scott Walker is expected to sign a state budget that includes similar funding cuts. In Indiana, reported LifeSite News, “Planned Parenthood has already lost access to $1.3 million in family planning funds that [the state] used to pay to the abortion provider.” That funding dried up after Governor Mitch Daniels affixed his signature to H.B. 1210, which prohibits “family planning” groups which also provide abortions — such as Planned Parenthood — from receiving state funds.

A pro-life billboard campaign in Oakland, California, that seeks to draw attention to the devastating effects of abortion on the African-American community is being attacked as racist and offensive by the NAACP and supporters of Planned Parenthood. The 60 billboards, placed around the Oakland area by the campaign’s two sponsoring groups, the Issues4Life Foundation and the Radiance Foundation, include the image of a black baby, the phrase “Black & Beautiful,” and the website

Last September, Congressional Democrats attempted to insert a provision into a military spending authorization bill that would have ended the longstanding ban on elective military abortions at overseas hospitals. As a result, the spending bill failed and the ban remained in effect. Now, California’s liberal Senator Barbara Boxer (left) has elected to make military abortions a focal point by introducing the MARCH for Military Women Act (Military Access to Reproductive Care and Health). Introduced by Boxer and her colleagues Kristen Gillibrand, Patty Murray, Jeanne Shaheen and Frank Lautenberg, the bill not only ends the ban on military abortions but includes a provision that would allow taxpayers to pay for those abortions performed in Department of Defense medical facilities.

As the battle for marriage intensifies in New York, a new survey by the pro-family Alliance Defense Fund has found that a solid majority of Americans believe that “marriage should be defined only as a union between one man and one woman.” The ADF survey, which in mid-May polled 1,500 Americans about their opinions on marriage, found that 62 percent agreed with the traditional definition of marriage, with 53 percent “strongly” agreeing.

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