A new policy approved by the Chicago Public Schools will require students to participate in sex education instruction, beginning in kindergarten.

After sparking outrage from across the political spectrum by demanding that Obama crush marijuana legalization approved by voters in Colorado and Washington State last year, the United Nations and its largely totalitarian member regimes gathered in Vienna this week to advance a more vigorous global “war” on unapproved plants and substances. Despite openly admitting that drug use has not declined after decades of prohibition, the top global narcotics bureaucrat — a former Soviet diplomat — claimed the UN-mandated drug war must expand.

Since the implementation of sonogram laws in the state of Texas two years ago, Texas clinics have performed 10 percent to 15 percent fewer abortions. Researchers at Ibis Reproductive Health, the University of Texas, and the University of Alabama at Birmingham conducted a study aimed at “improv[ing] women’s reproductive autonomy,” which shows a reduction in abortions since the state enacted strict requirements for women seeking abortions.

An Egyptian human rights organization said that an Egyptian Coptic Christian who died while being detained by Libyan Islamists was tortured to death.

The recent cultural madness and subsequent campaign of distortion surrounding guns in America offers a chilling example of the selective outrage and cynical manipulation employed by the cultural elites of our country, from the president and the White House to Hollywood and academia.

Both the Progressives at the beginning of the 20th century and the liberals at the end started from the same false premise — namely, that there is something unusual about different racial and ethnic groups having different achievements.

Mississippi lawmakers have passed legislation that would legalize student-led prayer in the state's public schools.

It’s easy to imagine that, were it not for the Crusades and our hammering medieval heroes, we could well be what the Mideast is today.

Arkansas lawmakers have overridden Governor Mike Beebe's veto of legislation banning most abortions after the 12th week of pregnancy — giving the state the most restrictive abortion law in the nation.

A Florida college shut down an informal dorm Bible study led by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, the same group the school booted off campus in late February for running afoul of its non-discrimination policy.

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