One day back in high school, a very interesting English teacher asked our class a moral question: if you could press a button and get a million dollars, but a little old man — with no family, friends, or ties of any kind — in the backwoods of China would die, would you push that button?

Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, who died February 25 at 96, is remembered for his uncompromising pro-life stand.

Christian organizations have raised an alarm over Saudi Arabia's continued persecution and imprisonment of Christians worshipping privately in their homes.

Iceland's proposed ban on hard-core Internet pornography has some Americans wondering what's holding up enforcement of a similar U.S. ban.

With the end of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI rapidly drawing to a close, Vatican spokesmen on February 23 vehemently refuted reports originating in the Italian media that presented highly negative descriptions of the Holy See’s central administrative apparatus, known as the Curia. An Italian newspaper suggested that the pope had resigned soon after being presented with a dossier that revealed a network of Vatican priests, "united by sexual orientation," who were being blackmailed.

Former First Lady Laura Bush has asked to be removed from a national television ad promoting same-sex marriage. The ad was part of a $1 million print and broadcast campaign by the Respect for Marriage Coalition, an effort of the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign.

Puerto Rico's supreme court has upheld a ban on adoptions by same-sex couples, as the majority of the island's residents are showing their opposition to same-sex marriage.

A directive by the Massachusetts Education commissioner requires state schools to cater to "transgender" students, including allowing them to use opposite sex bathrooms if they wish.

A Colorado woman alleges that a doctor at a Planned Parenthood clinic forced her to endure an abortion without anesthesia, then left part of the baby's remains in her body.

Planned Parenthood is being forced to close four of its clinics in Wisconsin after the state enacted legislation to defund abortion providers.

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