Does holding a public high school graduation in a church building violate the First Amendment ban on an establishment of religion? 

A federal judge has put a stay on her week-old ruling that overturned Wisconsin's marriage protection amendment and legalized same-sex marriage in the state.

The anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List may proceed with its First Amendment suit against Ohio over the state's enforcement of a ban on "false" political speech, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in a 9-0 decision issued Monday.

A university in North Carolina must pay a $700,000-plus legal bill for retaliating against an outspoken Christian conservative professor.

Louisiana's pro-life governor, Bobby Jindal, signed a bill into law June 12 that is expected to close three of his state's five abortion clinics.

Perhaps you haven't heard. If you take a position that has been the default for 2000 years, a position most of the world subscribes to today, you're intolerant, a hater, and a bigot. That would be the position in favor of marriage. And will there come a day when this "bigoted" doctrine is illegal in American churches? 

A Salt Lake City police officer who was suspended over his objections to working the city's notorious “gay pride” parade has resigned from his position, the police department said June 9.

The question is: Who has the right to decide how much risk a person will take?

A total of 5,941 delegates and alternates at the 2014 Texas Republican State Convention held at the Fort Worth Convention Center from June 5-7 debated and voted on several contentious issues, including immigration, homosexuality, gay marriage, medical marijuana, government regulation, the right to openly carry guns, “reparative therapy” for homosexuals, and holding a modern-day constitutional convention.

Hundreds of Nigerians have been killed over the past two weeks in the Islamist Boko Haram's continuing efforts to rid the country of the Christian faith.

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