The Washington Post's neoconservative columnist Jennifer Rubin appears to be on the warpath against members of Congress skeptical of Syrian intervention, especially congressmen who assert that it's beyond the power of President Obama to initiate the war.

Recently declassified CIA documents show that the U.S. government was helping Saddam Hussein in the '80s even though it knew he was engaged in brutal chemical attacks against Iran.

Whether or not Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad used chemical weapons, President Obama has no legitimate grounds to intervene.

With the recent chemical weapons attack in Syria, analysts continue to raise serious doubts about who was responsible for the attack.

U.S. military preparations are underway for a limited, two-day surgical strike aimed at “punishing” Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for his alleged use of chemical weapons — nerve gas — in last Wednesday’s attack on civilians in nine towns in the Ghouta region east of Damascus that killed an estimated 1,300 people.

As the crisis in Syria heats up amidst allegations that the government has used chemical weapons against civilians, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel — speaking on August 26 at a news conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, with Indonesian Defense Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro — said that the United States is “looking at all options” concerning a possible U.S. response.

Reports suggest U.S.-led rebel forces were sent into Syria in mid-August, before the reported chemical-weapon attack said to have killed hundreds of civilians.

Defense Deptment documents used to train US soldiers call the Founding Fathers “extremists" and say extremism is inconsistent with military service duties.

Following reports of chemical attacks in Syria on August 21, war hawks are urging, and the Pentagon is developing, plans to remove Syria President Assad's chemical weapons facilities.

“We’ll keep fighting for you, Bradley! You’re our hero!” exclaimed many in the courtroom when the verdict was announced for Bradley Manning.

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