During President Obama's speech in Washington Thursday, a woman heckler sparred several times with him about drones and the Guantanamo detention center.

A Defense Department survey has found a dramatic increase in sexual assault among the troops — including homosexual assaults perpetrated by male military personnel.

A Fox News poll shows 68 percent of American voters believe the federal government is “out of control” and a WND poll shows that around half of Americans support impeaching Obama.

Attorney General Eric Holder admitted Wednesday that the United States has killed four U.S. citizens with drone strikes.

None of the police-state measures in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing made Boston-area residents safer. But that hasn’t stopped new proposals to expand government.

The DOJ has been investigating a Fox News reporter for his allegedly “classified” newsgathering activities.

In less than a week, at least six people in Yemen were killed in U.S. drone strikes, and many others were wounded.

With news that Western-backed rebel forces in Syria fired on unarmed civilian protesters in Damascus, the global image of the rebels just went from bad to worse.

As numerous Benghazi-related scandals swirl around the Obama administration with increasing ferocity, analysts and lawmakers say the real issues in “Benghazigate” are largely being bypassed. 

As drone technology improves, U.S. relations worsen with nations such as Pakistan whose citizens are terrorized by the drones.

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