Tim ComerfordThanks to the dedication of John Birch Society members and freedom-loving statesmen in New Hampshire, the state officially rescinded all past calls for a federal Constitutional Convention after a decades-long fight to educate legislators about the dangers.

Using materials such as Larry Greenley’s 2009 article for The New American magazine entitled "Dangers of a Constitutional Convention," a JBS DVD called "Beware of Article V," and a model resolution available on, Birchers spread information and testified at committee hearings to highlight the enormous risks of a “con-con.” And this time around, they were successful.

Joe Levangie's won the fight to display the American Flag.An 88-year-old Navy veteran of World War II is once again flying the American flag outside his apartment in Hillsborough, NH after the company managing the complex had forbidden the display. Joe Levangie and other residents of Maple Leaf Village were told flying their flags was a violation of management policy. A letter from EJL Management said the ban followed a policy that also prohibits lawn ornaments and grills on the property grounds. Levangie reluctantly took down his flag and then a maintenance crew removed the brackets and holder.

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