The TSA will now pre-screen citizens' tax records, travel histories, property records, and more before allowing them to travel by air.

Edward Snowden said the National Security Agency and its British counterpart are among the “worst offenders” engaged in uncontrolled mass surveillance.

Senator Mark Udall (D-Colo.) is leading a bipartisan coalition of senators aiming to rein in the NSA's widespread surveillance.

Is it really possible that the President of the United States knows as little about what his administration is doing as his defenders claim? That no one tells him anything about what’s going on until he reads it in the papers?

At a hearing before the House Intelligence Committee, chairman Mike Rogers threw softballs to NSA chief General Keith Alexander.

Federal and state governments are working on plans to require motor vehicles to feature a black-box tracking device capable of reporting real-time vehicle location, speed, and mileage directly to government authorities.

A document leaked by Edward Snowden to the Guardian revealed that in one month the NSA spied on nearly 125 billion phone calls.

The Obama administration-backed “Common Core” is bribing and bullying state governments into collecting huge amounts of private data on students.


The heads of Germany and France have united in calling for a new intelligence relationship with the United States after allegations of surveillance surfaced in a Snowden document.

The National Conference of State Legislature reports on the status of state laws restricting the use of drones.

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