The state legislatures of Missouri and Arizona are considering bills nullifying federal attempts to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms.

The U.S. Postal Service is the latest federal agency to request small arms ammunition.

The EU Parliament has called on all member nations to ratify the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

Another botched drug raid under a no-knock warrant. Only this time one of the SWAT team members was killed and the grand jury said it was justified. 

An Oklahoma state legislator has proposed a pro-gun law to “reaffirm Oklahomans’ Second Amendment rights,” and humorously named it after a man who loathes being associated with such a measure.

When most citizens didn't comply with Connecticut's new gun control laws, officials proposed a plan to let them register after the deadline.

Requiring microstamping on new guns sold in California is a way for anti-gunners to ban handguns without actually banning them.

The Supreme Court justices recently heard oral arguments in a case where it will be decided if someone can purchase a gun on behalf of another person — a straw man gun purchase. 

Words seem to carry far more weight than facts among those liberals who argue as if rent control laws actually control rents and gun control laws actually control guns.

Conservatives living in the Cuomo Empire State may stop packing and cancel their moving van rentals, as Governor Cuomo has admitted there's room (but not much hope) for New York conservatives.

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