Representatives of 33 religious and civil rights groups sent a letter to the president urging him to sign the UN's Arms Trade Treaty.


RFID technology has advanced to the point where a chip, installed in the grip of a handgun, will allow the government to render the gun useless instantly.

A review of the provocative new book by Tim and Chuck Baldwin.

Samantha Power, the new U.S. ambassador to the UN, wrote that the United States should give up a "pinch of sovereignty" in exchange for safety.

Since the rise in the sale of firearms, Virginia has seen a drop in gun-related crimes.

Little Clarksville, Arkansas, is indicative of the sea change in attitude toward arming teachers that is moving across the country.

Using a veil of falsehoods, misstatements, and glittering generalities, the author of the CFR's latest screed on Americans' Second Amendment rights reveals the CFR's real agenda: gun confiscation.

The House Appropriations Committee approved a one-year funding ban on State Department implementation of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.

Four days after his acquittal in a Florida court, George Zimmerman emerged from hiding to help rescue a family trapped in their overturned vehicle.

While government has its place, the fact is that the realm outside government called society has been relinquishing its legitimate authority to the state for quite a long time. And the George Zimmerman case underlines how we've forgotten that the true “first responders” are supposed those first on the scene — even if they’re not wearing badges and might be stealing a bit of glory from those who do.

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