Even if the Florida jury to be impaneled in the June trial of George Zimmerman believes him innocent in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman is likely to go to jail anyway, in order to keep revolutionaries from burning Sanford to the ground in protest. 

The “Fast and Furious” gun-running scandal is back in the news after the Justice Department inspector general criticized a government leak intended to smear a key ATF whistleblower.

Sources inside Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's office indicate that he might allow the Second Amendment Preservation Act passed by the state legislature to become law without his signature.

Connecticut's seven-week-old gun law, passed in response to the massacre at Sandy Hook School in Newtown in December, has been challenged in federal court.

When college students return home, how can parents undo some of the brainwashing that has become so common in what are supposed to be institutions of higher learning?

Chicago's anti-gun laws, though ineffective at stopping murders in that city, have been effective at stopping museums from displaying noteworthy guns from their collections.

A lawsuit announced on May 17 in Denver to void two of Colorado's most restrictive gun control laws was supported by most of Colorado's sheriffs, and is only the first round fired in the legal battle against them.

A small business owner in West Plains, Missouri, is offering three parcels of land free of charge to gun manufacturers or distributors currently doing business in states with restrictive gun laws.

In an e-mail to gun owners, Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) called for opposition to the United Nation's Arms Trade Treaty.

The open microphone following a New Jersey Senate committee meeting caught the unvarnished comments of three anti-gun Democrats working to confiscate their citizens' firearms while dissing those citizens as well.

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