Those who favor “universal” background checks on gun buyers make some ridiculous arguments.

The prospects for passage of legislation to expand background checks of gun buyers got a boost Wednesday with the announcement of a bipartisan agreement reached by a pair of U.S. senators who are often described in media reports as strong defenders of gun rights.

Despite its diminutive size compared to the NRA, the effectiveness of Gun Owners of America at stalling onerous gun control bills has finally come to the attention of the national media.

With the overwhelming passage of a bill to nullify federal attempts to enforce unconstitutional gun laws in the state of Kansas, the message and the momentum appear to be on the side of the other 30 states passing or considering similar laws.

A Colorado bill has caused a furor because of fears that it could be used by Secret Service agents to arrest sheriffs who refuse to enforce unconstitutional gun controls.

Predictably, the usual anti-gun suspects have attacked the NRA's proposal to put more armed personnel in our nation's schools, but NRA members may want to challenge the program's promotion of unconstitutional federal involvement in local law enforcement and education, and its dangerous positions and omissions on "mental health."

Governor Dannel Malloy signed into law a wide-ranging bill enhancing Connecticut’s already highly restrictive gun control laws.

Senator Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) gun control bill has drawn the attention of the American Civil Liberties Union.

On Tuesday, April 2, the United States joined with 154 other countries in approving the UN's Arms Trade Treaty, which calls for registration and potentially confiscation of privately owned firearms.

Sleepy little Nelson, Georgia, a bedroom community of 1,314 outside of Atlanta, is gaining a lot of national attention because its town council passed an ordinance on Monday requiring every homeowner to own a gun and the ammunition to feed it.

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