In the ongoing war against guns, facts, history, logic, or experience don't matter. A lie repeated often enough becomes truth.

The New York Daily News has found the villain in Tuesday's fatal shooting in an Oregon high school and it is not the 15-year-old freshman who killed a student and wounded a teacher before shooting himself to death in a bathroom stall.

President Obama is determined to push for the confiscation of civilian weapons at every opportunity.

As if on cue and reading from the same script, senior Obama administration officials and the increasingly discredited establishment press rushed to paint a deeply deceptive caricature of the alleged Las Vegas cop-killers.

The actions of an unsung hero delayed the attackers long enough to allow the police to arrive and neutralize the threat.

Late last Thursday the House voted 260-145 to increase federal grant money to states to improve their reporting to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS.

How long, indeed, before citizens will be allowed to defend themselves against such malcontents?

What began with a bang ended with a whimper.  The Missouri legislature failed to pass a bill nullifying the federal gun grab, leaving residents of the Show Me State vulnerable to the Obama administration’s assault on this fundamental right.

Determined to exterminate Americans' Second Amendment rights, the Obama administration is now forcing banks to choke off lending to those in the gun business.

Lawmakers in Missouri are at odds over a provision stripped from a bill nullifying unconstitutional federal gun regulations.

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