A U.S. District judge upheld Colorado's new gun-control laws that mandate background checks and limited magazine capacity.

Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) filed legislation Thursday to prevent the Obama administration from making an “end run” around the Second Amendment and threatening the financial security of gun and ammunition manufacturers.

A judge is considering demanding a rewrite of the summary of a proposed constitutional amendment in Missouri that will go before voters in an effort to shore up gun rights.

In order to comply with a new state law, cities and counties in Kansas must repeal all non-compliant gun control regulations.

At its biennial meeting, the UN's Programme of Action calls for the tracking and destruction of small arms and ammunition, as well as civilian disarmament.

In the ongoing war against guns, facts, history, logic, or experience don't matter. A lie repeated often enough becomes truth.

The New York Daily News has found the villain in Tuesday's fatal shooting in an Oregon high school and it is not the 15-year-old freshman who killed a student and wounded a teacher before shooting himself to death in a bathroom stall.

President Obama is determined to push for the confiscation of civilian weapons at every opportunity.

As if on cue and reading from the same script, senior Obama administration officials and the increasingly discredited establishment press rushed to paint a deeply deceptive caricature of the alleged Las Vegas cop-killers.

The actions of an unsung hero delayed the attackers long enough to allow the police to arrive and neutralize the threat.

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