The UN Arms Trade Treaty is advancing steadily and secretly toward enforcement.

Last week's comments by Attorney General Eric Holder likely sounded the death knell for the smart gun. 

The United Nations pseudo-“human-rights” bureaucracy released another report attacking Americans’ self-defense rights, “Stand Your Ground” statutes passed at the state level, and the U.S. Constitution’s Second Amendment protection of the people's God-given right to keep and bear arms without government infringement.

Attorney Alan Gura chose carefully his lead plaintiffs in the Second Amendment case McDonald v. Chicago, including one Otis McDonald.

Several Common Core-approved textbooks have rewritten the rights guaranteed by the Second Amendment.

Dr. Taylor Haynes is running for governor of Wyoming, promising to push back against federal overreach.

Gun controllers have found the "mental health" loophole which, with the help of the NRA, would be another step forward in their quest. 

The Missouri House of Representatives removed a criminal penalties provision from a Second Amendment protection bill.

Evil is present in the world — as demonstrated again in another Ft. Hood shooting — and laws that render targets defenseless will continue to encourage that evil.  

Detroit residents, fed up with the violence in their city, are becoming empowered: This year, fatal self-defense shootings are up, and crime is down.

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