If the state of Connecticut increases pressure on gun owners to register their weapons, the consequences could be greater than imagined.

Bills nullifying federal gun restrictions are working their way through the state legislatures of Missouri and Arizona.

Near universal glee has greeted news that rude, anti-gun, anti-American Brit Piers Morgan is losing his TV platform at CNN.

There has been a definite momentum shift in the long war against guns, as colleges and other public institutions are beginning to allow concealed carry of weapons for defense.  

The Ohio National Guard is under heavy fire after newly released documents offered more insight into a controversial training exercise conducted last year that featured gun-rights activists as supposed terrorists. 

The San Diego County Sheriff's Office seems to indicate that anti-gun regulations limiting concealed carry permits are losing their veneer of legality in the courts, as rulings on the Second Amendment trounce them.

The Obama administration’s unfriendly stance toward the Second Amendment has had the opposite effect on the American people, who have been purchasing guns in record numbers.

While some have pointed to tragedies like that of Sandy Hook and Aurora as reasons to disarm the populace, others recognize those moments as further reason to honor the Second Amendment.

Thousands of Connecticut gun owners have ignored the new state law requiring them to register their “assault” weapons.

The recent decision by the Ninth Circuit Court is a small, successful skirmish upholding the Second Amendment in the long war against guns.

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