Ron PaulLast Saturday Ron Paul spoke at a John Dennis for Congress rally in San Francisco. Dennis just happens to be challenging Nancy Pelosi for her House seat.

Here’s a three-minute video clip from Paul’s speech in which he expresses great satisfaction over the rapidly increasing interest in state nullification of federal laws.

Rand PaulThe May 18 Republican primary win of ophthalmologist Rand Paul for the Kentucky U.S. senate seat being vacated by Sen. Jim Bunning was viewed by many political commentators as a sign of a rising anti-incumbent wave across America. Dr. Paul, who has never held political office, defeated Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson by about a 59 percent-35 percent margin.

Grayson had the backing of the Republican Party establishment behind him, having been endorsed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, also of Kentucky, and former Vice President Dick Cheney. Dr. Paul, in contrast, is regarded as a favorite of activists in the grassroots Tea Party movement. That movement, which takes it name from the historic 1773 tax protest in Boston Harbor, is considered closely related to citizen activists who supported Dr. Paul’s father, U.S. Rep Ron Paul (R-Texas), in his 2008 bid for the Republican presidential nomination. A writer for CNN noted:

Ron PaulLast night Ron Paul made an urgent appeal via a 2 1/2 minute video (see below) for immediate help in contacting senators to reject Bernie Sanders' new, watered-down Fed transparency amendment and to support an amendment with the original "Audit the Fed" language of H.R. 1207 and S. 604. A vote on Sanders' amendment to S. 3217 (the financial services overhaul bill) is expected on Tuesday, May 11. (For results of the votes on May 11, read "Senate Caves to Fed Pressure, Waters Down Audit.")


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