Education and how teaching methods need to change due to student failureSeveral states have begun exercising their prerogatives lately in a decision to face up, finally, to K-12 education failures. For example, according to a report by Deborah Simmons in the May 24th issue of the Washington Times, DC school Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee is working to do away with seniority-based lay-off methods and has begun tying both teacher retention and tenure to pupil performance. So are a number of other states — among them, New York, Colorado, Connecticut and Arizona.

dr. haing s. ngorAt first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Especially in the place where I was hearing it.

In 1966, I sat as one of many education majors in a mandatory psychology class, located in a God-forsaken town called Lubbock, Texas. In actuality, it was not God-forsaken; it was Bible-belt, God-fearing Lubbock, Texas.

literacy in americaJay Leno, in his amusing Jay Walking adventures, interviews young Americans whose appalling ignorance of history, geography and other areas of basic knowledge has become the subject of great hilarity. Many of them couldn't tell you who was buried in Grant's tomb.

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