ObamacareThis article, "Medicine Leads the Way," by Gary Handy on the dangers to freedom from the assault on the private practice of medicine, has been reprinted from the February 1976 Bulletin of The John Birch Society. This article is still worth reading for the historical perspective it provides on the necessity of repealing the recently-passed health care reform law, known as ObamaCare.  The conclusion is just as true today as when it was written: "The battle to preserve America's tremendous private medical system is a vital component of the overall freedom fight.... [T]he prestige and following of our nation's doctors provide them with tremendous potential for playing a vital role in stopping the conspiratorial forces which are working to destroy our free society and to enslave us all. We are exceedingly proud of the courageous physicians who are members of The John Birch Society. And we earnestly and respectfully invite all other like-minded men of medicine to join us in this crucial struggle."

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