Big gates often swing on little hinges. If the big gate Supreme Court case of Bond v. United States swings shut, it could give the government unlimited treaty enforcement powers.

The National Conference of State Legislature reports on the status of state laws restricting the use of drones.

Rep. Steve King's amendment to the Farm Bill imposes severe restrictions on the power of states to enforce their own laws.

On October 1, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill nullifying indefinite detention under the NDAA.

The Tenth Amendment Center has introduced model legislation designed to help states cut off critical infrastructure from the federal government — in particular from the NSA.

On September 21, speakers Dr. Thomas Woods, Michael Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center, and State Senator Randy Brogdon of Oklahoma addressed the Restoring the Republic gathering in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, on the subject of nullification and what the states can do to stop federal overreach.

Mark Levin’s new book, The Liberty Amendments, which calls for an Article V constitutional convention, ignores the very real risks of harmful changes to the Constitution.

In an editorial, the Los Angeles Times called nullification unconstitutional and said it was based on "imaginary authority."

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