Sheriffs’ refusal to enforce unconstitutional federal gun control measures has garnered national media attention.

A bill blocking enforcement of many key provisions of ObamaCare will soon be considered by the South Carolina state Senate.

The Obama administration is anxious to impose its autocratic, ad hoc, and unconstitutional authority on the population of Arizona — again.

An article in the Charleston (South Carolina) City Paper describes nullification as "terrifying" and "stupid."

The mainstream media associate Ron Paul's promotion of nullification with the Confederacy.

Senator Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) has reintroduced the "Restoring the 10th Amendment Act."

Big gates often swing on little hinges. If the big gate Supreme Court case of Bond v. United States swings shut, it could give the government unlimited treaty enforcement powers.

The National Conference of State Legislature reports on the status of state laws restricting the use of drones.

Rep. Steve King's amendment to the Farm Bill imposes severe restrictions on the power of states to enforce their own laws.

On October 1, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill nullifying indefinite detention under the NDAA.

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